September 23rd, 2019 is Native American Women's Equal Pay Day. This day represents how many extra days of work it takes for a Native American Woman to make what a white non-Hispanic male made in 2018. Native American Women are an understudied group which is why their pay gap is significantly overlooked. However, their pay gap is among the lowest in numbers. For white women, the pay gap is 79 cents compared to white non-Hispanic men, for black women, the pay gap is 61 cents, for Native American women it's 58 cents and for Latinas, it's 53 cents.

The Native American Women Equal Pay Day Awareness project highlights critical issues impacting Native American women and their families. It also sheds light on the impact of Native women and their heritage. As an initiative introduced by the global program, Lean In Women of Color, we aim to elevate the voices of our Native American women sisters.

Native American women are a complex group, facing a myriad of barriers which prevents many from getting ahead. To only address a singular issue does not tell the complete story.  According to the AAUW, "American Indian and Alaska Native women are paid just 57 cents for every dollar white men are paid. For Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander women, that number is 59 cents. Native people face disproportionate rates of unemployment, poverty, and violence as well as limited access to education, and women tend to bear the brunt of discrimination."

Native American Women are an understudied group, according to researchers. However, through nativeamericanwomensequalpayday.org, Lean In Women of Color works to provide visibility and a voice to Native American Women's experiences.

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