Video: The Standing Rock resistance and our fight for indigenous rights | Tara Houska

As disclosed in the following video:

Centuries of isolation and invisibility has muddled who natives are today. Eighty percent of references of natives in children's textbooks are pre-1900's.

When you aren't viewed as real people, it's a lot easier to run over your rights. The United States Supreme Court strip reservations the right to prosecute in 1978. As a non-native person, you can walk on a reservation, rape and kill someone, and that tribe is without the same level of prosecutorial ability as anywhere else. Thousands of native women have been murdered, and it's not tracked. One in three native women is raped in her lifetime.

Natives are still standing today. Forty percent of native people are under the age of 24. They are doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, engineers, medicine men, medicine women, sun dancers, pipe carriers, traditional-language speakers, and they are still here.

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