Video: "Say Her Name"

This background image is a combination of images from various law enforcement agencies and organizations shows posters of missing and murdered Native American women and girls as of September 2018. No one knows precisely how many there are because authorities don’t have reliable statistics. A top U.S. Justice Department official says it’s doubling the amount of federal funding for tribal public safety and crime victims as it seeks to tackle the high-rates of violence against Native American women. The announcement on Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018, comes amid increased focus on the deaths and disappearances of Native American women and girls in the U.S. (AP, File) Photo via

In some Native cultures, you call a spirit back by yelling out the name of the person four-times. In an attempt to locate the remains or any signs of Ashley Loring who went missing over a year ago, family and friends remain hopeful as they embark on another search of their beloved family member throughout the Blackfeet Reservation. Cited in this video, they call on the spirit of "Ashley". As the search continues for Loring, The Associated Press can not negate the countless number of women who have gone missing over the years.

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